Among the various creams and body moisturizers in historic West Africa, Shea butter is the most popular nourishing skin care ingredient. It is treasured for its timeless effect on smoothing the skin. Contemporary creams with high advertising power have frequently obscured its heritage and soft penetrating effects; however, these contemporary creams have failed to convey the freshness and vitality of Shea.

Our shea butter comes from nuts of the shea trees that are grown in Sierra Leone, West Africa. The extraction begins when the nuts, which are the source of shea butter are separated from the outer shell. To make the shea nuts into butter, they must be crushed, and the crushed nuts are then roasted. After roasting, the shea nuts are ground into a smoother paste, water is gradually added and shea butter is formed.

C-Shea butter moisturizes and helps renew skin cells. Other benefits include restoring skin elasticity, minimizing stretch marks, soothing irritation and dryness associated with Eczema and Dermatitis. Use daily to promote healthy skin.